Highly customisable
open source software
for managing
inpatients & outpatients
with infections

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Why elCID?

Designed for infection services

Coded entry of infection diagnoses, investigations and antimicrobials

Electronic recording of free text clinical advice

Customisable checkboxes relating to infection orientated audits and targets

Designed for clinical teamwork

Multi-user, real-time access

Continuous communication between members of the infection team

Web browser accessible, no software installation required

Customisable to clinical needs

Designed for use by infectious diseases, microbiology and virology teams

List view for ward rounds

Single patient view for individual patient consultation

Extendable to new clinical services (e.g. OPAT)

Rapid interrogation of clinical service

Coded data easily extracted into spreadsheet format

Permits regular and novel audit of clinical practice.

Scope for development of and support for research studies

Understanding the NHS

We know how organisations within the NHS function. We understand Interoperability, Information Governance, Clinical Safety and how to make sure that our services work perfectly with the rest of your infrastructure, and how to comply with all of your security policies.

Set up and run on your trusts server - you always own your data.

Open All The Things

elCID is entirely Open Source, Open Governance. Vendor neutrality is baked in to the licenses we provide at a fundamental level. Our customers are always free to customise and re-use the work with other partners.

A few features

Document Clinical Advice

Record who you see, and why you see them.

Contextually aware key clinical information displayed in realtime.

MDTs and Ward Rounds

Conduct full featured ward rounds with customised lists - whether for a physical ward, for patietnts under a certain consultant, configurable to anything you can think of.

Move through patients as you discuss at MDTs or as you literally walk round the ward, elCID Ward Rounds will capture your clinical interactions as you go.

Realtime Clinical Dashboards

Configurable dashboards of Key performance indicators in real time.

Provides better information to clinical teams, presented in an easy to understand format with high visual impact.

Provide clinical information relevant across multidisciplinary teams


Full Outpatients Antimicrobial Therapy service module. Manage the flow of patients through your service, capturing the data you need to meet your upstream reporting requirements. Capture clinical interactions and monitor your workload.


Collect research quality data as part of standard clinical practice along with a fully featured query and extraction engine.

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We can provide deployment, customisation and support services tailored to your needs.

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